📚 The Guest List Book Review

This past month (October 2020) I read The Guest List by Lucy Foley. The Guest List (TGL) is a murder-thriller involving a bride, a groom, and their guests at their private, no-expense-spared, wedding on a small island off the coast of Scotland. The bride, Jules, is the founder of a popular lifestyle website. The groom, Will, the host of a popular survival TV show. Jules and Will were perfect for each other, though a marriage after only a few months of dating did seem a bit odd. And so, at their wedding, with their family and oldest friends in attendance, Will and Jules are forced to confront each other’s true past, and the people in it. The outcome? Murder.

TGL is a fun read with an okay story that takes a while to get going. The book is told from many, first-person perspectives. Each chapter from the perspective of one of the 6 or so primary characters. The book does not follow a synchronous timeline, instead it jumps back and forth between the present and the night of the wedding (the end of the timeline). Overall, I quite enjoyed the first-person view of our characters and the book reached can’t-stop-reading territory for a brief moment. Unfortunately, it had an overly dramatic ending that is too familiar to most murder-thriller stories.

My rating is a 6 out of 10.